Your studies

Do you want to know the values of the parameters a, b, K for one of the systems you are investigating ?

1. Which type of system is it ? Please, choose:

Or, is it another type of system ?

2. Please, give detailed information on the system (what kind of metal? cell? device? etc.)

3. Please, select the parameter which would (according to you) best reflect the ageing or evolution of the system as a whole:

Or, is it a resistance-like parameter ?

Or, is it anything else ?

4. Which are the measurements units for the time ?

5. Which are the measurements units for the parameter ?

6. Please, introduce in the next table the successive values of the parameter with regard to the time of measurement (counted from the start of operation of the system and deducing the durations of non-operation)

Important remark:

Three measurements are at least necessary. But to get sufficiently reliable results, we ask you a minimum of 10 measurements distributed over a period of at least 1/3 of the estimated operation life of the system.

Time Value of parameter

7. Is there any other useful information to know about your system?

8. Please, enter your name and full address

9. Please, enter your e-mail address

Thank you! We will try to send you an answer in a few days or a few weeks depending on the work load.

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